Across the aisle Keith Goldstein

While we commute, we are crammed into small containers. Shielding ourselves from closeness with strangers, we enter a private space within ourselves. I try to wait until that moment happens. I never ride the subway to just photograph. These images are made as I commute to and from work, appointments, etc.. I never hide my intention. People look as if they notice, but I am occupying that same internal space that they just entered. Being a voyeur, I am there, ready to greet them.

I started this ongoing project in earnest a few years ago. If one lives in New York City and photographs, it is not hard to find yourself trying to make images underground. For some it’s a passing fad, for some it’s a project into itself, or part of a photographer’s oeuvre. I am aware of the historical connection between what I do and Strand, Kubrick, to name a few. I hope in this project I can add my own vision to their already historical perspective.













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