Peter is a photographer working mainly in the East of England. He says of himself and his slightly nihilistic attitude to his work –

“I neither consider myself to be an artist or an artistic photographer. I simply shoot what I see, or more accurately what I want to see I suppose. I could no more talk about that or explain that process than I could explain nuclear fission. I have no explanation. It’s just the way it is. I take pictures. That makes me a photographer obviously, but an artist?  No. I just take pictures.”

Despite now being entirely digital, his simple process – one lens, one camera – and lack of artifice, hark back to an earlier time in photography. His editing work draws on extensive experience spent in dark rooms with wet processes, producing strong graphical work with a story to tell.

He is not fixated on equipment, choosing to use a digital rangefinder, even sometimes a child’s digital ‘Lego’ camera.

“It’s not about the equipment is it?” he asks.

Peter has exhibited his work in Birmingham, Leicester, and Lincoln.

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