This project began before I had double eye surgery a few years ago. Being blessed with the gift of with high myopia since birth, certain sports, or anything that involved a flying projectile through space, was always a challenge. It never stopped me from doing anything I’ve wanted. Eye glasses always made me feel as if there was a partition between myself and the rest of the world. When I was able to get them, contacts lenses greatly helped relieve this feeling. As I entered middle age, I developed glaucoma and cataracts. While it never affected me doing photography, there were times when I wondered if I allowed it all to control what I saw, photographing through the haze and cloudiness and letting it take over. Surgery was imminent and eventually successful. In the process of recovery and beyond, I continue to explore the gift of sight and the interior/exterior illusion of the world around me

Whisper 122306565.597InnCu.Storm

Sky InsideOut

Window Ethan

Steam 141496664.ku7SLUyc.Smoke

59th_Street 146369945.0TIPENQC.InwoodPark

Duck 158008561.k7pk7HaB.Kerhonkson_SkyW

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