Interview: Tony Edenden

In our latest interview, former professional sports photographer Tony Edenden shares his thoughts on his current personal work taken on the streets, at seaside resorts and sporting events.

Capturing ‘decisive moments’ from rapidly changing and chaotic scenes requires skills in anticipation, composition and technical mastery. On the evidence presented below, Tony Edenden’s background in sports photography has given him a unique training.

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f50 Interview: Rich Docherty

f50 is delighted to introduce a new series of interviews starting with New York City street photographer Rich Docherty.

Capturing great  images is not just about the process of photography. It’s about having an interest in many things. Interests which enlarge and hone your perception; like writing, video production, movies, an appreciation of the masters, etc. Interests which New York City street photographer Rich Docherty puts to good use in his outstanding street photography. Working in colour and bw, Rich’s work is characterised by tight compositions, strong graphics and wry wit. Here he gives us an insight into his working methods and his experience of shooting in NYC.

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Jason Scott Tilley interviewed by f50 Collective

We are delighted to share with you an interview with renowned photographer Jason Scott Tilley conducted especially for f50 Collective.

Jason is a Coventry-based press photographer, but he is more widely known for his striking photographs of India.  While many photographers undertake road trips as a way of compiling bodies of work, for Jason there is much more to his images of India than simply a photographic project. Jason is of Anglo-Indian descent.

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