A Line Runs Through it: Project description

For the purpose of navigation, the Earth is notionally divided into Eastern and Western hemispheres. The line which separates these 2 hemispheres at zero degrees longitude, running from the North to the South Pole, is the Prime Meridian. The first land reached by this ‘notional’ line in its passage southward is on the East coast of England, just above the Humber estuary in the ancient coastal area of Holderness, an area of chronic coastal erosion.

This project follows the line of the Prime Meridian as it runs through Lincolnshire, tracing its passage from where it first makes landfall at Holderness through to Throckenholt, 121.4Km (75.43miles) south, where it crosses into Cambridgeshire.

The images are not specifically designed to stand alone, though some of them may.  They are intended more to sequence the journey, reflect the nature of the surrounding counties, and when combined, to illustrate the character of the landscape through which the line passes. There is no artifice or attempt at a better aesthetic by any arrangement of the pictures. They are displayed in geographic distribution determined by their coordinates.

In many ways, the project has been technical as well photographic. Rather than relying on historic markers that can be found scattered along the path of the originally mapped Greenwich Meridian dating back to 1851, effort was made to map the true path of the line, travelling with a GPS device and a roll map made from sections of all the relevant Ordnance Survey Maps; using the co-ordinates collected for positioning, photographic indexing and subsequent distance measuring.

The photographers travels took him zigzagging down this part of eastern England, on or close to the GPS Meridian Line, from landfall in Holderness in the north, south across the Humber to the seaside towns in North East Lincolnshire and onwards into Lincolnshire, passing through the Lincolnshire Wolds and the fenlands around Boston and Holbeach, finally exiting Lincolnshire on the Cambridgeshire border.

These images were captured along and beside the meridian line over a six month period.  They are presented in geographical order from Holderness in the north to the Cambridgeshire border in the south.

Please note.
1. All coordinates attributed to these images are GPS coordinates.
2. All distances attributed to these images are from landfall i.e. where the line first hits the UK in Holderness.
3.Should you wish to understand more about the history of the Prime Meridian there is some technical information here.

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