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Get back to reality. 

Get back to everyday life. 

<Get back, get back / Get back to where you once belonged…> sang The Beatles.


I never stopped taking pics during the pandemic but at one point I got bored of recording the silence of the city. A gloomy silence despite the sun overhead. A silence that I wanted to break by insinuating my camera in the folds of the shadows. 

Perhaps there is a hint of optimism in the shots…

Maybe I immortalized Superman!!! Maybe we’ll go to Mars!!! Maybe someone wanted to be an astronaut and go beyond the asteroid belt!!! 

I keep shooting… CLICK!  


The restrictions on our freedoms that accompanied the pandemic felt like nails in the coffin of my ailing engagement with street photography. The images presented here can easily be read in relation to lockdowns but, they signal another more personal disconnect.

Good luck to every street photography struggling to reconnect with their pre-pandemic practice.

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