By Matteo Ceschi

“O brave new world that has such people in’t” (William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act V, Scene I)

Human presence in different locations generates a series of “islands”; humankind seems to need these “islands” to define cultural identity, consumption, economic and social security and above all happiness.

(Frames: 2017-2020, London and Cambridge, UK)  


DAY: grey and yellow

NIGHT: red, orange and yellow

DAY: Man, Island, Loneliness – Architecture/Cultural Cage System

NIGHT: Pleasure, Transgression

DAY ––> NIGHT: tunnel

SOUNDTRACK: The Steve Miller Band, “Brave New World” + Greta Van Fleet, “Brave New World”

By John Meehan

“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.” (Cormac McCarthy, The Road)

So much, and so many, lost. How many images, coffees, encounters missed? How important the little things seem now to the jigsaw of our wellbeing.

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