PD Barton
I felt the theme of ‘Sun, Steel and Sky’ lent itself to high contrast images and so produced this set of pictures. They were taken in different countries, and at different times, some old and some new.
I chose the images not only so they would reflect the brief but also to satisfy the need to answer what I saw as being the inevitable hard contrast between sun and sky implicit in the brief. 
This, inevitably, lead the images to be strong graphic representations of what was seen, something which was increased by the use of monochrome.
PD Barton
Lincoln UK
November 2019




Keith Goldstein

I have been photographing buildings for quite some time, along with my street work. My work has taken a turn after rediscovering Paul Strand’s and Charles Sheeler’s 1921 film “Manhatta”. These images pay homage to that film and to the city where I live.



Matteo Ceschi
Gradually the sun and the sky disappear from the frame. Then the same happens to trees, houses and people. In the end only steel remains… Steel… Sunless and Skyless…

Steve Coleman

The first 2 pictures in this collection are shot using Lomo 400 colour film the second two on a Fuji x100f.
There’s a lot of scaffolding in Liverpool and a lot of pigeons….oh and a lot of sky if you look up! It’s also quite a dense place to be in certain areas…there’s so much stainless steel….the walkways, the hand rails, the buildings even have the steel on the outside sometimes. I think I like it, but like so many things it’s just fashion.



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