In this exploratory project, titled ‘Unsharp Mask’, we’ve challenged ourselves to increase expressiveness over technique. Specifically, the title is a provocation to push against photographic conventions such as sharp focus, descriptive fidelity, tonal balance, rules of composition, etc.

In short, we’ve bent ‘the rules’ creatively just to push ourselves to be a bit freer. See what you think…

Matteo Ceschi

“Some short considerations on my “Unsharp Mask” contribution for the new f/50 project. My 6-shots panel was inspired by Yujiro Ishihara’s 1958 The Left Hand of Jiro, a noir movie. I worked on two levels of unsharpness: 1) I deconstructed the original plot to create another one, a sort of “silly paparazzi” story in place of the original noir;  2) the movement of the film frames, the addition of a grain filter in camera and overexposure were my masks. My unsharp version of The Left Hand of Jiro plays as a story without dialogues: so if you want to have fun guessing what the characters are saying, be free!” Matteo


Steve Coleman





John Meehan

Keith Goldstein




P D Barton

Bye for now…


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