6 shots

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never been happier with my photography as I am at the moment, sure I’ve hit the rocky, blindingly blank, hopeless moments when I’ve struggled to make anything that teased at my eyes and heart, but for now I genuinely feel at peace making my way along photography street.

Many years ago now when I happily labelled myself a ‘street photographer’, I always felt haunted by a phrase or quote I’d seen, it went something like “A good street photographer should be able to create the pictures they want to straight from the front door” Needles to say I never managed that, I always had to go into Liverpool or some other urban environment to see anything I wanted to shoot. No more my friends!

This happiness is merely a result of 2 things…

  1. I ditched the word ‘street’ from my photography vocabulary.
  2. I pay no attention to social media ‘likes’ or ‘shares’ and really do take pictures with freedom.

To clarify I still love candid street style photography and still find this is where my heart drifts too, but in all honesty I like taking pictures in just about any genre. So if I see something, I try to make a photograph of it with no regard to its place in genre at all.

And regards to social media, I use it, all the main platforms, but really just to share what I’ve done because I’m a believer that sharing your creativity is primarily good for everyone in any artistic sense.

So this post… Ironically all these pictures were taken a few hundred yards from my front door.

I wanted to take a set of 6 square pictures that told a story, worked as a set and ultimately that I could  print and display somewhere in my house. So here they are, do click to see them full size.

I hope you enjoy them. Steve.




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