Street photography is akin to tightrope walking. We carefully traverse the streets precariously balanced between success and failure. Our senses in overdrive, we seek something unnoticed by non-photographers.  Seeing is everything; equipment unimportant.

Seeing: that gesture/gait/expression/shadow, their kiss, that juxtaposition or the shaft of light across those faces. So many possibilities unknown until they reveal themselves to alert eyes.

If the above doesn’t have you nodding knowingly, maybe street photography is not for you.

For the rest of us, the excitement of the process and the promise of a good image – just one – sustains us through failure. Failure is common, but for dedicated street photographers nothing beats the rush of a few hope filled hours on busy streets.

March 26th 2017. We were in Hanoi and my wife had an early hair appointment in the Old Quarter. Having walked the few miles with her to find the salon, I had a few hours to myself.

Below is what I saw that morning.


08.42 Another humbling encounter.

Hanoi Walk-1

09.31 The guys at Classic Motor Cafe moving bikes for the cops.

Hanoi Walk-2

09.47 Proud Veterans in uniform are a common site.

Hanoi Walk-19

09.59 There are no wrong turns in SP but, this was a dead end.

Hanoi Walk-6

10.13 Waiting for her equally glamorous mum.

Hanoi Walk-20

10.30 Chai with the taxi drivers. I declined the pipe 😉

Hanoi Walk-21

10.34 I’m waiting to shoot the traffic; he stopped to watch me.

Hanoi Walk-9

10.43 An old timer outside his garden.

Hanoi Walk-10

11.28 Typical warmth of Vietnamese people.

Hanoi Walk-11

11.34 Where would Asia be without the moped?

Hanoi Walk-12

12.30 Action Man wasn’t for smiling but paused momentarily.

Hanoi Walk-13

12.23 Must be an early start for the porters at Dong Xuan Market.

Hanoi Walk-14

12 Replies to “Walking the tightrope”

  1. What a great set of pictures John. Very revealing of Vietnamese city life, Charming people and of course the ubiquitous motorcycle.


  2. Interesting pictures John. When I take my first stroll in another country I’m usually so gobsmacked by the opportunities, that I miss most of them !

    Good to see you’ve settled into the groove and produced thoughtful images.


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