Matteo Ceschi

The idea of this new f/50 project arises from the curiosity to see horror and noir movies mixed together. Think about the classic George Romero Night of the Living Dead frames overlapping Michael Curtiz’s Casablanca iconic scenes…
BOOOM! My brain goes crazy! Double exposure technique and a hard b&w is my way to illustrate this “surreal universe” where two worlds come together and merge. Zombies take care, Detective is now on your tracks! Suggested soundtrack: “Can It Be All So Simple” by Wu-Tang Clan.

Steve Coleman
I’ll be honest, I don’t know whether to thank my F50 colleague Matteo or not for his suggestion of ‘Horror Noir’! I didn’t find this particularly easy at all, but I do like a challenge so below you’ll find my interpretation of this project.
I won’t say too much, but I tried to take my usual candid street style and find individuals in locations that portrayed a sense of solitude and anxiousness, that seemed ambiguous or even a little lost.
I definitely tried to concentrate on a feeling or emotion above anything else and I think I captured some tension in my shots.
So…Thanks Matteo! Perhaps your next suggestion could be a little easier!! Lol.


Keith Goldstein
I’ll have to be honest as well. When Matteo proposed this idea for a post, I was quite hesitant. Instead of making images specifically for this idea, I acted like a somnambulist. I just let things be. Keeping Matteo’s idea in the recesses of my brain.


*The idea of combining horror/noir with street, was from our member Matteo Ceschi.

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