For this new f/50 project Keith and Matteo have investigated the elusive concept of “fluidity”. We started from Webster on-line dictionary definition and we have developed the “interpretation” through three shots each.

FLUIDITY: The quality of being fluid or capable of flowing; a liquid, äeriform, or gaseous; opposed to solidity. “It was this want of organization, this looseness and fluidity of the new movement, that made it penetrate through every class of society” J.R. Green

KEITH’S NOTES: Let’s images talk!


MATTEO’S NOTES: Fluidity is all about change and movement. Freezing this change with a camera is a hard challenge but it’s not impossible. Photography usually doesn’t “play” with movement so I’ve tried to recreate motion looking for contrast. In the first shot, sky-clouds (so fluid they look solid)-buildings-humans; in the second one, a light fog “running” over the water deleting shadows; in the last frame, the illusion of a man swimming in an ad I caught throught a futuristic invisible wall. In all three shots human presence — direct or indirect or even marginal — becomes an important element of the change, probably the most significant in contrast to the others.

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  1. My apologies to Matteo and to our viewers. I’ve been derelict in my response in words to this challenge. By day I am a photo editor and footage reviewer for a large photo agency. At times I feel a pull not to make footage per se, but to engage with a cinematic dialogue of images that flow from one to another in sequence. I don’t intentionally shoot this way. They appear in my normal work flow of acquiring images off my camera as I have shot them. Sometimes I recognize the sequence. Most times I stick to the one single image I feel has the most to say about that moment. Sometimes the sequence is much more then the experience of the single image, as I felt with this small sequence of three. The “fluidity” lies in the flow of one image to another as small extended experience.

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