Milano Noir_09

Milan is noir. A noir city. Its history is noir. And its industrial places and its characters too. Noir as the novels of its writers – from Giorgio Scerbanenco to Andrea G. Pinketts. Noir as its nights.

I always love Milan’s nights. Lonely nights, dark and full of potential stories to tell.  Each of these nine shots – most of which were taken during night drives with friend and curator Federico Ramponi – is a story that I wanted to sketch. A story open to infinite possible noir interpretations. A man on the border of the park; a lonely swing; a young woman who gets up games to the night sky; people fleeing and people parked … Who does what? Only the end of the night will tell.

I have deliberately frozen the instants at the center of the night, neither too early, nor too late. In my mind the Frank Miller’s Sin City or the 1990s Milanese underground comic books.

© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_07
© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_06
© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_05
© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_04
© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_03
© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_01
© Matteo Ceschi
Matte Noir
© Matteo Ceschi
Milano Noir_02
© Matteo Ceschi

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