Its safe to say I have been dabbling in colour quite a bit following my last post on here.  So much so that I need to look into colour more deeply. I have decided to do a ‘Year of Colour Project’ in 2017. I plan to shoot all my personal work in colour and as much of my client work as I can.


Quite a few people are loving Jpeg at the moment but I still struggle with Jpeg colours and have to spend time in Post trying to find my feet with Colour. The strange thing is I love the RAW files straight out of my camera with very few tweeks. This is in total contrast now to the way I shoot black and white. I used to shoot black and white in RAW and convert to black and white in Silver Effex Pro2 but over the last few months I have been shooting more and more Jpeg black and white images. I have been shooting in Acros +Green filter and now hardly make any changes in post processing. I shoot RAW+Jpeg Fine and what you see is what you get.


Possibly because at the moment I am shooting in black and white I am concentrating on the colours in the images more than I did, sounds mad I know. When shooting colour I look for the tones and contrast but when I shoot in black and white I am looking for Primary colours more and more and opposite colours at each end of the colour wheel.


I think I have processed more images in colour this year than ever before and it’s growing on me day by day.   The confusing thing is I have not found the Jpeg colour setting I like and this is very frustrating. This is exactly how I was before I did my year A Year of Black and White project. I was lost and confused in the world of black and white processing. I did my year of black and white  project and found out I loved Silver Effex, that was the best part of my project discovering a black and white editing style. So next year hopefully I will discover a colour  editing style at least !

_DSF5120My girlfriend Jane looked though my colour work the other day and said it’s almost like Saul Leiter’s work. This was a great compliment as I love his work  but I did not want my work to look like another photographers. I guess even without knowing it by looking at the amazing work of the great Street Photographers of the past we are inspired by their work. I just don’t want my work to be a copy so need to break free and find my colour style.


I do struggle with post process  and colour I do just like the RAW files out of camera with a few lightroom tweaks. That said I would love to have a Jpeg style that works for me. The hard part for me is trying to work out what I do want. I have always found projects help me make up my mind and sometimes even try new things.


I have been teaching Street now for a few years and every week give my students colours as a theme for the day to go out and shoot. This has given me an appetite to explore RED YELLOW and BLUE like a man possessed with primary colours.


I have even started shooting colour and posting my images on social media under another name to see how people react to my work. It’s been a very interesting journey so far and surprisingly my Twitter and Instagram accounts are growing slowly. I might not shoot much more colour this year but 2017 I am going to force myself to shoot as much colour as I can. Who knows where that will take me…







2 Replies to “JPEG Revolution”

  1. I really like what how you use colours on streets. I’ve been jumping from colour to b&w myself. However for post.processing i try to keep it simple. I shoot everything in Raw and for colour i use ( Eric Kims) Portra 400 film presets and for b&w – neopan presets. Good luck with your projects!

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    1. Thanks for the comment buddy, I am not a fan of presets. All my images are indervidualy processed. I think it’s an OCD thing I have where every image has to start from scratch. No doubt I will work it all out next year.

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