I suppose it had to happen at some point. I am 53 this year and for the first time in all that time, I want to explore colour in my Street Photography!

I have always shot black and white from way back in my film days and so far most of my digital days except for a few Landscapes and Macro work, but I have this sudden urge to shoot colour. I think it’s the relationship that different colours have to pull some images together. I have always believed that only black and white was the true story telling medium and to some extent that will never change for me.


Its just criminal for me not to share some the amazing colours I find out there these days on the streets. I have always deleted images like the one above because it would have no interest or meaning to me in black and white.


I cant delete them any more and feel the need to explore colour and to try to make it work for me.

The image below was the turning point, I was going to shoot the guy wearing shorts, from the front, as he walked towards me but then I noticed how his shorts and socks would go well with the DHL sign and the shop. I waited and turned just as the lady put her hand up and I took the shot. I just love so much about this image, I love the words on the sign “Quit Here” and how the colour matches the girls shorts, how her phone colour matches the bus and the shop. I hardly ever talk about my images but I will tell you the lady did not see the man, she had only just crossed the road and was trying to avoid me. The first shot I had in my head in black and white would not have worked but this shot screams at me shoot more colour.

I have decided to not only to go out and shoot more colour digital but to explore colour film as well. I missed out on colour film all my life so now its time to have a go.

I have set up a new twitter account to just explore colour and you are welcome to follow meĀ @autoisostreet


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