This project began before I had double eye surgery a few years ago. Being blessed with the gift of high myopia since birth, certain sports, or anything that involved a flying projectile through space, was always a challenge. It never stopped me from doing anything I’ve wanted. Eye glasses always made me feel as if there was a partition between myself and the rest of the world.

When I was able to get them,  contacts lenses greatly helped relieve this feeling. As I entered middle age, I developed glaucoma and cataracts. While it never affected me doing photography, there were times when I wondered if I allowed it all to control what I saw, photographing through the haze and cloudiness and letting it take over. Surgery was imminent and eventually successful. In the process of recovery and beyond, I continue to explore the gift of sight and the interior/exterior illusion of the world around me.

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7 Replies to “Ocular”

  1. Keith,
    I found this a fascinating set of images.

    I enjoyed the extreme abstraction but that’s tempered by my concern for you. As a diabetic, with the inherent possible sight issues still to come, I empathise with you. I can’t help but marvel at how you overcame your own sight issues and of course at how modern medicine transforms the lives of many.

    You may be interested in this multi national organisation who work on saving sight across the world.


    Thanks for the thought provoking blog and the great images.

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  2. Thanks for this Peter. I will definitely look into this organisation. With my cataracts “cured”, I still have the ongoing issue of glaucoma. I am very lucky to have a wonderful doctor here who monitors this. I have checkups every 3-4 months. Luckily it has been very stable and has been kept at bay with eye drops. Too many for my sake! My son unfortunately has inherited my eyesight. But with the advances in medicine, I do not fear for him. It seems every few months there are new discoveries in saving eyesight. Modern medicine is wonderful.


  3. Great insight. I can’t stop thinking of how perseprual we are.. I compare blindnness to underwater life that losses it’s immagery power without the light but never the less fully exist and it’s completely substantial withouth it. Great pictures!

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  4. I also have problematic vision and like you, trully blessed to be able to correct it!! I compare your photos to the beautifull abstraction I see in the morning when I haven’t applyed my contacts on yet. Thanks for sharing!

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