Playing With Light & Shade – Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool

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Light-Shade #1-2

Some days you leave your creative genes at home; on other days – forgive the pun – everything clicks. On my last jaunt around Liverpool I had one of those days where almost everything turned to gold. During the day I was able to put together four series of images, two for my Fuji Freak blog and two for the ƒ50 Collective.

The location of this series is the Bluecoat Gallery. I arrived en-route to catching a train home and went to take another look at an exhibition I’d enjoyed during Look/15, the bi-annual festival of photography in Liverpool. The sun was out and perfectly placed to provide some light and shade images in the gallery. The high windows made some fine patterns on the walls, highlighted handrails and other details around the gallery space. Here’s the result; I hope you enjoy the images:

Light-Shade #1-3

Light-Shade #1-4

Light-Shade #1-5

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