Concentration 2Concentration; a game of chess in the park in Brasov, Romania

 Just a few of the images that have presented themselves during the past few weeks, mainly during events in my adopted home city, Liverpool. You may notice that some of the images have a slightly “grittier” feel to them; it’s intentional. I’m looking to make my images a little more spontaneous. They may not be 100% sharp, perfectly exposed or brilliantly composed, but I hope they will be interesting!

Let Me On!Let me on the tram, damn you! Transport rage in Bucharest, Romania

100This lovely lady was 100-years-old a couple of days after this was taken; her friends had gathered in a cafe in Birkenhead to celebrate

AbdulAb Adawi, photographer, at his exhibition during Look/15, Liverpool’s bi-annual Festival of Photography

Yours TrulyYours truly, photographed by Ab Adawi; image processed by me

RainRain, Mann Island, Liverpool

Hell, Girl Yeah!Hell! Yeah, girl! (Liverpool Waterfront Music Festival)

J'AdoreJ’adore? (Mann Island, Liverpool)

Giant PigeonMarines routed by giant pigeon (The Museum of Liverpool)

Women in the CityWomen in the city – just one man and a photographer!

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