I started this year with a street blur project but after a few weeks decided it was not the project for me, so it faded out. I have been so busy in 2015 I just have not had a chance to shoot for myself and this was getting to me so I decided to change my project. In 2014 my portrait project was just the same so why put myself through another project that would just make me despise it ? The answer is I am not going to do that again.

So my new  2015 project is Coffee Shops and Windows. This project has come about because in a conversation someone said that Street window shots have been done to death ! I did not reply, I just thought no they have not and they never will as long as they are interesting and tell a story or have an interesting subject then they are great.

I wanted to fit the project around my often misunderstood candid style, but I don’t mind the occasional smile or eye contact as long as they don’t give me permission I am happy.

I am also in the middle of a 52 week selfie project on flicker so I do know how to put myself through it, but the selfie project has evolved in to a reflection selfie project, and this has got the taste buds going all over again.


I have decided that even though I will start a new project in 2016, I will not finish this window project next year but let it run for a while and see how it evolves.

_DSF0871-Edit _DSF0391-Edit _MKH0475-Edit _MKH1644-Edit _MKH1798-Edit _MKH2034-Edit _MKH2615-Edit

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