Gift #1

A few weeks ago I posted this image on Flickr; it was featured by one of their editors and had over 5,500 viewings and over 150 “faves”. I was delighted and wandered through my archive looking for other images taken at the same location; I have plenty, mainly because my partner’s brother-in-law and his wife live very close to this French location in the Poitou-Charente region and I visit most nights that we’re there.

It’s a very special place for me; no one else goes there  so I am on my own, listening to the birds sing their sunset songs; I watch aircraft heading north to Paris. But most of all, I watch the sun and what it is doing.

These next three images record different sunsets all from the same location but using its diversity: a farm track; a big sky; ears of barley… It’s a place to commune with nature.

Who knows who wrote that song of Summer
That blackbirds sing at dusk
This is a song of colour
Where sands sing in crimson, red and rust
Then climb into bed and turn to dust

“Sunset” by Kate Bush from the album “Aerial”

Sunset #1
Sunset #6

Sunset #4

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