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It is not really relevant to street / urban photography. But, I want to write about breakthrough image of my photography journey.

I do take lots of portraits of strangers on street and during my travel to different places. Most of my portraits are up-close portraits and I try to portray emotions through their eyes.

Most of my portraits are Black and white. So, I always wanted to get striking colour portrait once. I came to know that there is a festival going to happen in a village little far from my place. I have seen pictures of previous year’s festival of same place. Those pictures are inspiration to go there and shoot.

Even though I had taken many portraits before, this particular travel portrait is breakthrough picture in my photography journey. I took this picture in March 2013 @ Kaveripattinam, Tamilnadu, India.

This got me so many recognition and won international awards from NatGeo Travel Contest 2014, PX3 2014, 1x Awards 2013,, NDAwards, IPA 2014, etc. Published in NatGeo Traveller magazine, Wanderlust, DigitalPhoto, BLUR, 1X Passion Yearly book and leading news around the world. I am really thankful to this boy in this picture.

Mahesh Balasubramanian

42 Replies to “BREAKTHROUGH IMAGES – Mahesh Balasubramanian”

  1. You took this picture! That is amazing! It is so beautiful! I love how you focus on her eyes. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul and I can really beleive it in this photo!

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  2. Hi, I really liked the way you did international photography in different places. I like the photo and your work that you have done. On my website, I do creative photography, landscape photography, and just photography in general. You can view my website at Feel free to give any feedback to me in the comments section of my blog, any things I did well, or anything I could improve on.

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