Murray Mills, Ancoats Manchester.
Murray Mills, Ancoats Manchester.

Being one of the five f50 members still to post 12 images of ‘My Town’ I must admit to still having some work to do on the project. Though I live in Liverpool, I’ve opted to base the project on my home town of Manchester (just 38 miles away). I left Manchester 20 years ago and, despite the proximity, have been back just a handful of times.

This has had a number of effects on the project as you’d expect. What I thought would be a ‘street photography’ project has actually become something else. Wandering the streets you grew up in as a raggedy arsed kid is bound to bombard you with all sorts of memories. So rather than just hunt for ‘street’ images, I’ve gone with the flow. Here are a couple of the resulting images.


(The deadline for the rest of the guys to upload their projects is 31/1/15. Check out Matt’s and Peter’s already finished projects on the Projects page).

Anthony, Little Italy resident of 40 years. Ancoats, Manchester.
Anthony, Little Italy resident of 40 years. Ancoats, Manchester.


2 Replies to “My Town – progress report”

  1. Wonderful John. I have so many ways in which this project could me. New York is a big town, but I am going to focus on my immediate neighborhood that I’ve been living in for the last 11 years.


  2. Thanks Keith. So many ways to approach it. I have gone with my take on one part of town rather than trying a touristic overview of the key landmarks. Some street stuff but generally more meditative. Really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done.


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