Three Days in Marrakech by John Meehan

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John Meehan Marrakech-8

For me, street photography’s overriding attractions are its accessibility and mutability. William Eggleston brilliantly demonstrates that outside every front door apparently mundane scenes wait to be transformed into beguiling images. If your eyes are not seeing them today: Go back tomorrow and the streets will be teeming with them.

I’ve learned that you must go back, again and again and again…persistence, dedication even obsession; these are givens for any serious street photographer.   However, like many street photographers, I find the street can be generous on a good day and intimidating on others. The difference being my own fluctuating confidence on the street.

So, when I travelled with my wife (Karon) to Marrakech in September 2014, I knew my biggest challenge was going to be holding my nerve. The people of Marrakech are famously hostile to camera toting tourists. When the new Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Art (MMPVA) commissioned five Magnum photographers to take pictures on the streets in November 2013 even they struggled. Two (Susan Meiselas and Jim Goldberg) reportedly having mini crises of confidence along the way (see).

Nevertheless, we both photographed almost non-stop – from before breakfast to early evening – over three days. Along the way I was berated repeatedly, spat at and threatened with stoning (yes he had the stones in his hand and was gesturing to throw them my way).

Here’s a selection of the resulting images. I hope you enjoy them.


4 Replies to “Three Days in Marrakech by John Meehan”

  1. John, I like this set of pictures, especially as they were captured under such difficult circumstances.
    I particularly like the picture with 3 girls and the boy. It has balance and a story.
    The boy looks embarrassed. He’s looking down, avoiding eye contact. And the girls appear a little cocky.
    I cant say I would have been so brave as to take pictures there.


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